Hop Wars 2 Finals and more this week!

Thursday, Hop Wars 4 round 1: Robert French, Brenton Parks, Matt Mead Friday, Hop Wars 2 Finals! John Mazurco vs Don Harrisberger Sunday, 4 – 6 PM: MLS Cup at Phantom New Beers: Belgian Dark Strong – 9.5 ABV on tap now; Wraith Stout being Kegged Friday. Panini’s! – We now have Turkey, Black Forest

Hop Wars III Semi Final

On Friday at 4PM, the second Semi Final Match of Hop Wars III gets under way. It’s battle Scottish ale time as Delow goes up against Robert Mills. Come out and try the beers these home brewers have made on our pilot system, and help decide who will move on to the finals.

Boycott Bullies

Dear Anheuser-Busch: Bullying can be defined in a myriad of ways. One method of bullying would be to ridicule a group of people due only to their particular preferences, only because those preferences just don’t happen to be yours. I wonder if having become the giant in this industry has blinded your organization to the

Phantom Brew Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to brew your own beer? We have a class for that! Come down this Sunday and check out the first beer of our graduating class! Ask them how easy and fun it was. Classes go for 4 weeks, and teach you the basics of brewing beer. You get to

Phantom Brewer This Weekend

This Friday and Saturday we have Hop Wars Round 3 Quarter Finals. Mark Crisostomo takes his Honey Porter against Ken Heffner’s Mia Maxima Culpa Dubbel on Friday. Armando takes his Swamp Zombie 2.0 IPA against Jeff Leonard’s Peanut Butter Cup Milk Stout on Saturday. We’ll be serving great beer and food all weekend long though,

Phantom this Week

Tropical IPA, West Coast IPA, Revolution IPA, Diablo Brown Porter, Saison, Holiday Saison, Cranberry Pomegranate Mead, Abbey Style Apple Cyser, Dry Hopper Pear Cider Don’t Forget Hop Wars This Friday and Saturday. Battle of the Home Brewers to see who will go on to the Semi Finals!

Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a Week!!!

Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week!!! Now serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We have a basic menu that is available all of the time that includes Jumbo Hot Dogs simmered in our beer, Irish Nachos, and Quesadillas. 

Hop Wars Phantom Brewer Competition

Have you ever wanted to brew on a commercial brewing system, and find out what it might be like to own a brewery some day? Here’s your chance. Signups for the 4th Hop Wars is under way.  You get to brew on our pilot system under the guidance of one of our brewers. When your

Phantom Continues to roll out Cider and Mead

Two weeks ago, Phantom unveiled Orange Counties first commercial Trappist Cyser. It’s a blend of apple juice and honey fermented dry with Trappist style yeast. If you’ve had American ciders in the past, this is not one of them. It’s dry, not suite, and the Trappist yeast gives it fruity aromas with a complex spice
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