Football and Beer

With the NFL season quickly approaching you have the perfect excuse to come out and watch  pre-season games at Phantom. After all, how will you dominate in fantasy football without doing the proper research. We have a new Mexican inspired menu and 10 Taps full of Phantoms best to keep you focused on your coaching tasks.  Are you ready for some beer…and football!?

Tart Blackberry Cider

5.2% ABV


Dunkelgeist (Dark Ghost)

5.0% ABV


B-Rye – Chocolate Rye

7.2% ABV


Hedley – Brown Porter

6.5% ABV


Phantom Dry Cider

6.5% ABV


Ebenezer – ESB

5.0% ABV


Wryeth – Imperial Red Rye

8.7% ABV


Doel – Belgian Pale

5.1% ABV


Belgian Pear Cider

6.7% ABV



Double Imperial American Brown Left on Oak.

6.0% ABV

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