Hop Wars Round 2

Hop Wars is back!!

Here is the line up for the second round of brewers.

Stay tuned to see when we will be releasing their beersĀ  on tap!

Phantom Brewer Contest is now full. We’ll take a few extra as potential substitutes in case someone can’t make a brew day. Let the Hop Wars begin…
1. Mike Neice
2. John Mazurco
3. Randall Killian
4. Jason Floriano
5. Nico Soze
6. Sean Caldwell
7. William Helmuth
8. Mike Shen
9. Juan Rodriguez
10. Todd Thienngern
11. Don Harrisberger
12. Timothy Shields
13. Robert Duncan
14. Rick Morella
15. Erik Nielson – yeah he works here, but he’s wanting to learn to brew.
16. Charles Villafana