Nano Project

Have you ever wanted to start a brewery, or even just work in one. The process can be daunting, and getting breweries to hire you without experience usually comes down to knowing the right person at the right time. We’re here to make things a bit easier…

The Nano Project Program. It is a 6 month program that will involve brewing once a week, and working at Phantom one day a week. Beers suitable for serving can be put on tap at Phantom. The idea will be to brew four different recipe’s repetitively to develop the recipes and a following. We will work with you on recipe development, protocols, costing, and marketing. Your one day a week working at Phantom will give you exposure to all areas of brewery operations. You will work with both front of house, and back of house. You will gain experience with serving issues, and production issues.

The cost of the program is $1,000 per month, and will be limited to just 2 brewers at a time. It will include brewing ingredients from our Home Brew shop for one brew a week, use of the Sabco system, use of the Sabco Fermenters, and use of all available equipment we have to produce your product. No Lacto or Brett beers will be allowed, sorry. The beer produced will be placed on tap at Phantom if suitable. Alternatively, Phantom would sell the beer to any other retailer or wholesaler on your behalf, or you can simply take the product home.

The one day a week of work at Phantom will be paid out at minimum wage. Obviously this will not be a net positive amount of money for you over six months. But by the end, if you do perfect those four recipes over 6 months, you will have built a following, and go to market on your own with RateBeer, Untappd,…. and other social media ratings. You will also have full working knowledge of a great number of brewery operational issues. It will help you in planning your own facility, choosing equipment, knowing who you want to hire. If you are just looking to end up working at a brewery, you’ll have 6 months of experience in a commercial brewing environment. Several of our brewers now work at other local commercial breweries.

For more information contact Rob